Unique and Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meaning


Scarlett is a feminine name derived from an English surname with an occupational meaning, referring to a person who sold cloth of scarlet. It gained popularity due to the character Scarlett O’Hara in Margaret Mitchell’s best-selling novel Gone with the Wind and the film adaptation. Could also refer to “Scarlett red.” Perfect for a little redhead!


Lennox is the transferred use of a Scottish surname from the Old Gaelic “leamhan” meaning “elm field”. The surname was derived from a place name so-called “the Lennox” which is a region of Scotland just north of Glasgow. In Celtic mythology the elm tree is often associated with faeries and elves; they were believed to grow at burial sites and provide passageway to the underworld.


Ophelia is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Ophelia is: Help. Serpentine. In Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, Ophelia was the lover of Hamlet who went insane as a result of his irrational behavior. I personally heard this name in the movie “Savages” and they called her “OP” for short. I have loved it ever since.


Everly is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Everly is: From Ever’s meadow. Could also mean: From the boars meadow. Can be spelled; Everlee, Everleigh or Everly.

Ember or emberly:

“Ember” is derived from the Olde English “emerge” which finds its roots in the Germanic “aima” meaning “ashes”. The root origin is also associated with the verbs “to burn” or “to glow”. In essence, an ember is a glowing object representing the remains of a dying fire. Could also be spelled; Emberlee or Emberleigh and be caller Ember for short.


 Calliope is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Calliope is: Beautiful voice; A mythological muse for epic poetry. How beautiful is that? Could be called “Calli” for short. (Yes, I watch Greys Anatomy)


Memphis is the name of an ancient Egyptian capital established near the mouth of the Nile River delta circa 3000 B.C. Today the city is uninhabited and only ruins stand in its place reminding visitors of its glory days gone by.  Interestingly, when the American city of Memphis, Tennessee was founded along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River in 1819, it was aptly named after Memphis, Egypt which itself was situated along the Nile River.


Monroe is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Monroe is: From the river’s mouth. The Latin meaning is: From the red marsh. And obviously everyone knows the famous Marilyn Monroe.


Serenity is an English vocabulary word defining a state of calmness, tranquility and peacefulness. The word ultimately comes from the Latin “serenus” meaning “clear, calm” (mainly used to describe weather). This name is adorable and it could be shortened to “ren”.


Rosalie is the French and German form of Rosalie which is derivative of “rosa” from Latin meaning “rose”.The Germans and French adopted this pious and saintly name after the Middle Ages as Rosalie, but the English wouldn’t embrace it until the 19th century. Could also be spelled Rosaleigh.


The name Penelope is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Penelope is: Bobbin. Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey. Penelope can be shortened to” Penny” or simply “P”.


Most Americans are familiar with this name thanks to popular actress and wronged-wife Jennifer Aniston. Truth be told, however, Jennifer’s actor father actually changed his real Greek surname (Anastassakis) to the less-ethnic Aniston as his stage name. So Jennifer’s surname is really Greek: Anastassakis. The name appears matronymic (i.e., passed down from the mother), from the Greek ανάστασις (anástasis), Anastasia, meaning “resurrection.” You could also spell it “Anistynn” and shorten in to Ani.


Juliette is a French personal name. It is a diminutive of Julie, and ultimately comes from the Latin nomen (or clan name) Julius, or “son of Jove”. Also derives from Juliet, the name of the heroine of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. You could shorten this name to Julie also use “Julietta” and shorten it to Etta.


The name Willow is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Willow is: Slender; graceful. From the willow tree noted for slender graceful branches and leaves. This name is a great nature name and could be spelled “Willo.”


Winter is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Winter is: Year. The English meaning is simply: Born in Winter. This name would be shortened to “Winnie” and could be spelled “Wynter” to make it more feminine.


The name Lyric is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Lyric is: Of the Iyre or Song.


The name Seraphina is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Seraphina is: Fiery-winged. The name Seraphina comes from ‘seraphim’, who were the most powerful angels. Could also be Seraphine and shortened to “Sera” or even “Phina.”


Pearl is a primarily feminine given name derived from the English word pearl, a hard, roundish object produced within the soft tissue of a living, shelled mollusk. Pearls are commonly used in jewelry-making. The pearl is the birthstone for the month of June. Pearls have been associated with innocence and modesty. Could also use the name “Pearly.”


Odessa is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Odessa is: Wrathful. The Latin meaning of the name is: Quest. This name is beautiful and could be shortened to “Essa.”


London comes from the Latin ‘Londinium’ and at the time it was the capital of Brittania. The name Londinium is thought to be pre-Roman in origin although there is no agreement on what it means. It may mean ‘place belonging to a man called Londinios’, or may be derived from a personal name meaning ‘fierce’. This name could also be spelled “Londyn” to make it more feminine.


The name Harrietta is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Harrietta is: Ruler of the home. You could shorten this name to “Harrie” or “Etta.”


Wren is from the English word for the small songbird. It is ultimately derived from Old English Wrenna. I have also seen “Wrenynn” as another variation of this name.


Wilhelmina (alternatively spelled Wilhelmine) is a female given name, originating from the German language and meaning “resolute protector”. Wilma, Willa, Willy, Mine, Minna, Minnie and Mina are short forms of the name, and male versions include William and Wilhelm. You could also go with Willamette and both name can be shortened to “Willa.”


The name Dawson is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Dawson is: David’s son. Surname. The name is generally used as a male name but it could be spelled “Dawsyn” and used for a little girl.


Eden (Hebrew: עֵדֶן‬), as a given name, has several derivations, from the Biblical Garden of Eden, meaning ‘delight’; It is given to girls and boys. The first recorded use is from ancient Israel in the book of II Chronicles. It is also as a variant of the feminine name Edith and the masculine name Aidan.


 The name June is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name June is: Young. In Roman mythology Juno was protectress of women and of marriage. In modern times June is therefore known as the bridal month.


 Crimson means: Of a rich deep red color inclining to purple. I couldn’t find much about this name but for a girl, it could be spelled “Crimsyn” instead.


The name Ora is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Ora is: Light. This is my little sisters and grandfathers middle name so it can be masculine or feminine. Could also use the variation “Oralynn” or “Oraleigh” and shorten them both to Ora.


Means “life” in Greek. From early times it was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of EVE. It was borne by two early Christian saints, one martyred under Emperor Hadrian, the other martyred under Diocletian. The name was common in the Byzantine Empire, being borne by a ruling empress of the 11th century. Another option for this name is “Zoella” which could be shortened to “Zo” or “Ella.”


Shiloh is a Biblical place, mentioned in Genesis 49:10, meaning”peace”. Christians claim it is a reference to Jesus, but Muslims claim it is a reference to Islam. The name was the 803rd most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007, 650th in 2008, 604th by 2009, and 620th by 2010. this name could also be spelled “Shilo.”


The name Grey is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Grey is: Gray-haired. That meaning isn’t the cutest, but the name can also be Greyling or even Greylynn.


Hazel is a primarily female given name meaning”hazel”, from the name of the tree or the color. It is derived from the Old English haesel. It became a popular name in English-speaking countries during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, along with other names of plants or trees used for girls.


River simply means: Lake or large creek. This is a natural name that you could make more feminine by spelling it “Ryver.”


Origin of the name Olive: Evolution of the older and now unused Oliva, which was taken from the Latin Oliva (a tree of the olive family). A branch from the olive tree has long been regarded as a symbol for peace. This name is beautiful and could also be shortened to “Live” or “Liv.”


The name Millie is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Millie is: Servant for the temple; Free-born; noble. Feminine form of Camillus. Famous bearer: Roman mythological Volscian warrior queen Camilla.


 Cecilia is the Latinate feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius, which was derived from Latin caecus “blind”. Saint Cecilia was a semi-legendary 2nd- or 3rd-century martyr who was sentenced to die because she refused to worship the Roman gods. This name could be shortened to “Cece” or “Cilia.”


From the Latin, juniperus which means “youth producing” or “evergreen.” During the Renaissance era, Junipers were used symbolically in art to represent chastity. Juniper has historically been used as both a boys and girls name, in fact Saint Juniper and Thornton Wilder’s character Brother Juniper are both male. This name could be shortened to “Juni.”

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